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Jim M

PythonModule createModuleFromSection()

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I am trying to get createModuleFromSection() in the Python module in an HDA I am developing. It can't find the module.
I am less than a python noob thus struggling.
I have a modified nodegraphvellumutils.py (which works perfectly) renamed as PythonSubmod.py and I want to attach it to the HDA then call it from the PythonModule.

May be an image of text

import toolutils
submod = toolutils.createModuleFromSection("submod", kwargs["type"], "PythonSubmod.py")

# Add network editor hooks

if hou.isUIAvailable():
    from submod import setSelectPosContextData, isPassThroughConnection, createEventHandler

def isVellumNode():
    return True




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Solved by Mel Massadian on Houdini Artists FB group. 
The key being syntax for function calls.


May be an image of text

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