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Thousands of particles noise problem

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Dear ODForcers,




As you can see in the video I posted I am attempting a bullet going through a fish tank in SLOMO.

There are many issues with the shot but here I want to ask about the foam around the bullet.

It is created using many many particles emitted from around the bullet then replaced by tiny spheres. I am rendering using karma.

In single frames it looks QUITE good.

My reference is below from Youtube.


So the noise is the issue.


Denoiser just makes it flat and white.

So my question is shall I just crank the hell out of the samples?

Or is my issue with refraction ray limit?

Or a combo of both?


Or do you have a better method for achieving something like the refernce?










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Get rid of reflection and render your particles as Uniform Volume instead. 

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ok i'll look into that thanks. I already have no reflection. i cranked the refraction limit to 12 and samples to 2048.

getting about 15mins a frame.

i have a 3090.

looks better def.


will a uniform volume be able to get that "texture" on it?

is it a million percent better way to do it?

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