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Hi guys! 

I have a super simple question (I hope at least). I am using two different geometries and merging them together as cloth to dopnet. Inside the dopnet, I want to define different behavior (sturuts stiffness) for each geometry. It, unfortunately, doesn't respond, though. 

I just created very simple testing scene, so u can check properly what I am trying to achieve here. 

Can anyone help me with that issue, please? :unsure:

Thanks a lot, guys.


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Hi Michal,

Please see attached file.

I have added the strut constraints in SOPS before going into DOPS and have changed the stiffness to make the one pig head softer than the other.

I have also remeshed them and then imported the simulation result and point deformed the original geometry with the simulation geometry, as this is the usual workflow for these sort of things)


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