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Unreal Shooter creation

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Hello guys,

I am looking for a tutorial or course on how to create a game with Unreal using Houdini Engine. Ideally, it will be a shooter, where you have an environment and you can walk there and interact with objects and characters.
I can imagine such a particular course might not exist yet, so any relevant links would be appreciated.

I am totally new to game dev but have a strong background in VFX, so there are topics I am interested in:
- High-level overview of Unreal Game creation. Unreal 101 (how it stores the source files, scene structure, etc), how to build and release a simple game (where an environment might be just a plane and you can walk there), what are the requirements to publish it on Steam, etc.
- High-level overview of Houdini to Unreal workflow. Building procedural worlds in Unreal using Houdini assets.

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