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vellum weld points and stitch problem / question


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I have some pieces of cloth that I want to stitch or weld together. The problem is that the cloth pieces are not close to each other. Their is a gap between each piece. Is there still a way to stitch or weld them together so that they are one piece during simulation time ?

I tried playing around with the "Max Distance" parameter under Closest Point Tab which I thought would do the trick, but apparently not.. Any help would be great.

I have a hip file and screenshot for anyone that wants to take a look

Thank you



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Regardless of the constrain to closest point setting, stitch to geometry still requires a source set of points (geometry) and target set of points (target geometry). It still needs to know which set of points you want to stitch to what. So you're going to have to find a way to tell Houdini which is which. The hip file below isn't ideal, but it illustrates the point.

To be honest my first thought is to build the constraints in vex. What you really want is for each edge point (that is not an outside edge) in the orig_pt group created by the fracture to stitch itself to the corresponding point in the new_pt group. Use an enumerate SOP to create an index for each point before the fracture. Then after the cloth configure node, split out the constraints and add a point wrangle. For each "orig_edge point" find the corresponding "new_edge point" and create a new poly line between those two points. Then add all the necessary vellum attributes to each polyline.

It's a little more than I have time for this morning, but there's a few good tutorials on using vex to build constraints. Including this one. If I have time later in the weekend I'll try to build a simple setup. And someone else might have a way of ordering the constraints without VEX. I just can't think of a way off the top of my head.



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