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Workstation cards vs gaming cards


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Hi Houdini users,

  I am working on a new system build and wanted your thoughts about using a gaming card(4090) vs a workstation card (RTX a5500)?  Main motivator behind this is wattage and thermals.  Power consumption is not the concern, but raising the temp in the room by using a gaming card.   Plus its very hard to get a 4090 that isn't drastically marked up to where I might as well get a workstation card for the same price.

I am eyeing a AMD 7950x(CPU), but am waiting to see the reviews of the new 7000x3D chips coming in the next few weeks.

Main reasons for the machine: Motion graphics and future 3D/Houdini work(hopefully).  3D side will be Houdini/redshift

Any advice/input is welcome.
Thank you for your input

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