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Unable to Import Alembic file in Unreal Engine5.1


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 I made a Portal Effect in Houdini using pop network and connected the particles to line segments ,I made the Alembic file of the same to import it to unreal but I'm unable to import it in unreal it keeps showing this error in the image attached. the Alembic file is working fine in houdini though. I've also attached my hip and abc file.image.thumb.png.43f8e997081b05f545b4c46bef6bc407.pngimage.thumb.png.6799a95d520e8fbce3ee6c7a60ddda5f.pngimage.thumb.png.481b0f1f2ebb41c7d8b9f31c8f6dfc28.png

Portal.abc Portal.hip

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Try deleting more attributes before exporting. From what I recall, Unreal can only import triangles and quads, no n-gons allowed. Are you sure the Unreal engine can leverage only lines?

Worse case scenario, throw a polywire on the final and try that. You'll at least be supplying true geometry to the import section.

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I've just started using Unreal Engine, I tried importing it pop simulation first time. My system crashed after using polywire. I checked on internet there is a plugin called Vertex Animation Texture Tool, (VAT) ideally it should appear in my side FX labs toolset after updating but its not getting updated I don't know how else to install it.

 I followed this tutorial, since this was the only way I saw how to import Particles

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