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Emiting Particles From Texture.


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I am running into the following problem. I have a geometry with a mapped texture on it. The texture is simple, it's all black but in front has a white shape on it that expands over time. I need to have it set up so that the particles are emmited from only the white portion of this geometry. Does anybody have any idea on how to do that?



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hey there

but as far as i know, u cant birth straight from a texture, u have to apply that texture onto the geom,

and then define a group on the geom based on some expression that queries the texture, either using the tex or pic expression.

check out the hip and a pic or tex expression within the point sop, and it should work.



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Katherine - this is a simple expression that will work in the point SOP add color field

pic("source image COP", $MAPU, $MAPV, DC_LUM)


tex("source image file", $MAPU, $MAPV, DC_LUM)

this will get the luminance value from the texture file or COP according to the uv lookup maintained by each point

have a good weekend!

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