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Hello everyone,

Wondering if someone has suggestions on how to achieve this level of details with Houdini? I tried with grains, displacement, geometry, textures... I can't seem to get it to look right. VDB's seem to be quite versatile to achieve some of the general textures and shapes, but the end results is always too round and soft.

Looking for:
- Fine powder
- Sharp cracks and fractured pieces
- Mix of smooth and crumbled / rough areas
- Small random chunks

Are there suitable techniques I am missing or out of luck for this level of details?



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Hi Konstantin, thanks for giving this a shot! I wasn’t familiar with vdbfromparticles. It gives similar results to grains, but much easier to compute. The only downside is that it will have to be converted to polygons for rendering and it will soften the particles.

I tried earlier with heighfields too, but was worried the sides would be problematic since the displacement only happens in Y. Your file is using them cleverly though. I will reconsider the heighfields and deal with the pieces that need more ‘side displacement’ using a different technique.


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27 minutes ago, velk said:

Brilliant, I saw you updated the file. This seems super versatile with heighfields, combining procedural noise, image maps and geometry...

Thanks again!

Glad you like it. I'd recommend rendering only the particles instead of VDBs. It's a lot faster and can get way more detailed.

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