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L-system Dvd 2 Is Here !

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Well, well, well.

One for winter, one for spring..

Here comes the episode II of the L-system series ( the "tetralogy" lol).

Here is the official announce.


HOUDINI L-systems Workflow DVD 2

Mastering Workflow And Rendering L-systems


(In High Definition)

cmiVFX is proud to announce the second installment to the L-systems series of Houdini

training videos. In part 1 of the series, we showed you what L-systems were, what was

behind all the l-system syntax, and how to create some nice models of trees,

plants, and flowers. Now it's time to give purpose to your creations. In this DVD, you

will learn how to master the workflow of rendering your trees.

Lessons in the show will teach you the workflow to render your trees non

photo-realistically and with a painterly look to fly through a Monet or Cezanne

impressionist painting much like the effects in the award-wining movie "What dreams may

come". You will learn the not well-known curve rendering and NPR sprite rendering tricks

and interactive outline drawing techniques. Continue on by learning how to interactively

paint some vegetation defined by L-systems and how to make it creep along an arbitrary

piece of geometry like ivy.

We actually show more than pure l-system here: we take a little time to open the door to

"procedural painting", which is the ability to link Houdini procedural machinery to

painting inputs through advanced CHOP techniques, allowing the user to have an extended

PaintFX-like tool that can go far beyond what is just presented is this DVD, where you

could visually paint streets, railways and particle effects. Use our template to quickly

design your landscape foliage.

If all that wasn't enough for you, then we keep going by showing you the workflow to

handle complexity with nesting L-systems. We created an asset for you which allows you to

plug l-system within l-system. You will learn how to split a complex set of rules into

visual blocks of reusable L-systems workflow, that you pipe one into the other. The

benefits are immense in value. Not only can you turn l-system creation into a more visual

and more interactive process while keeping the benefits of having completely editable

structures, but you can then access more complex L-systems that were simply unattainable

with simple rules. You can also extend information passing into the l-system, using non

l-system specific expressions, and thus you can have realistic hierarchical deformation of


We take you through countless examples, from controlling the silhouette of a tree to

extended tree models. And finally, we take you in two recapitulative projects: the

creation of a majestic whomping willow with Ivy growing on him.

Not only was the first DVD the first one ever released about the L-systems, this new DVD

is the first one to show you real non-photorealistic workflow as well as real

unprecedented procedural painting and how to use L-systems beyond L-systems (what the

L-systems creators couldn't even imagine).

For more information about cmiVFX and the best High-End, High-Def training, please visit

our the website at http://www.cmivfx.com



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