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Pscale/attributes along branching curves


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Hullo--I'm having an issue with something that I suspect can be easy--I'm making branching splines (vein-like) using find shortest path. I want the pscales to be biggest in the middle of the branches and smaller at the ends (like remapping a curveu on a single line). The closest I've come is shortest path-->fuse-->polypath-->edge transport from point 0 (which seems to default to a central point with branching), promoting @dist to min/max details, and fitting the dist between those to use as my 0-1 which I remap. This works great for the farthest points in the branches, but for the shorter branches the end pscales don't go to 0. I tried setting end points to @pscale = 0 and attrib blurring it, but that didn't do the trick. I assume this is the same trick to make branching/tree sweeps on L-systems, but it's eluding me. What am I missing? Here is the line alone and with spheres copied on points to visualize pscales.



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This was helpful, thanks. I was actually able to accomplish this with some attribute promoting and fitting of the cost attributes output by the find shortest paths.

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