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converting rbd to flip

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I am trying to do a setup that will take an rbd explosion and turn it into a flip fluid when it
hits the ground. I need the pieces and fragments of the exploded rbd to have a high viscosity
so that when they hit the ground they kind of stick like blobs or glass that's still hot and

I have a very good rbd explosion but I have run into a wall somewhat on how to get this into flip so that
I can have the fragments turn into the soft goo. One approch that I tried was to create fluid chunks from
the pieces of the rbd and then try and explode these but it all kind of stays together in one cohesive blob.
I can't seem to get an absolute zero viscosity between the fragments that will effect blobby chunks.

I have seen alot of great resources on doing highly viscous fluids and these have been of great value
but I can't seem to get this to translate over into turning an animated rbd sim into a melting
viscous fluid. All the resources I have seen work on static objects. Do you know of any other
resources that could shed some light on this for me?

Then I had another idea of just taking in the rbd explosion that I have and turning those pieces into
flip fluid directly but the flip solver simulates the geo on the first frame and I am not sure how to get it to
read in the animation and use that for the sim.

Anyway, if anyone has had any experience with this and is willing to share I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

Best, Christian

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If you mean something like this, I added a hip file to give a hint. I first create a rbd sim. Then I use the result of the rbd and fill it with points which then get the velocity of the original simulated geo. And finally only at one frame the points are used in a pop source node in the flip dop network. Of course for multiple rbd's you will need to autmate some parts and get the collision frame somehow. Hope this helps a bit.


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Thank you so much, that's exactly what I was looking for. I did have several hundred pieces so I constructed a sop solver to record the hit times etc, but you got me going in the right direction,

much appreciated.

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