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Flip/POP - Two velocity fields are influencing each other even they are in a seperate group.


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Hi there, 

I am trying for hours to solve this issue but reached a limit of possible solutions. 

In my setup I have created two Velocity Fields for a Flip Simulation in which I am trying to advect two streams seperatley. I have created two groups and applied them to each emitter and use those groups within the "Pop Advect by Volumes" node. Nevertheless, they are influencing each other so the direction in which they supposed the flow is not working. 

How do you seperate a velocity field and apply them to each stream properly, so they are not influencing each other?

Thanks for any help in advance. 

Hip File is attached. 


Screenshot 2023-05-14 203531.png


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Posted (edited)

I don't think your GeometryWrangle is not working as intended. Nothing ever shows up in group B, so that force has no effect. It looks like you're expected a 1:1 match on @ptnum from your various input, which are also skewed. Remember, input 0 is the points you're running over. Try moving your fetch slots down 1 so your code reviews from input 1 and 2, not 0,1. You may have to match point numbers by fetching nearpoints on your inputs instead of a direct fetch from @ptnum.


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