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Fast moving object - following particles


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Hello everyone,

Doing a project where a fast moving object (car) is being surrounded and followed by particles. It's very convenient for me to freeze the car (inverse matrix), do the nice particle sims and re apply animation. The issue of course is that the particles look glued on the car when there is a sudden change of movement. Any ideas if its possible to use the inverse matrix method for a setup like this? I am thinking various solutions with my main idea being: take the car velocity, calculate acceleration, turn that acceleration into a force and apply it inverse to the particles with a lag. So even if they are attached to the animation, they will have that delayed response to sudden movement.

If anyone has done something similar or have ideas for a different or more simple solution, please let me know.

Thank you.

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I would try to use on velocity, Born Group, Interpolate Source 'Back' Method point velocity, 
v@rest = v@P;
i@born_frame = @Frame:

Than after in Post process you can use those rest and born_frame with 4vec noises on Age.

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