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Karma - Render properties for rendering thin splines

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Hello! (I've made this post already on the sidefx forums but I figured I'd cross post in here incase there are people who prefer to only peruse odforce.)
I'm kind of new to Karma, Solaris and the whole LOP context so please forgive any lack of knowledge.
I'm trying to transition from using Mantra to Karma and stage on a project I am working on and I've come across the first hurdle I haven't been able to solve by reading up on the documentation. I am rendering very thin curve geometry and I was looking for a setting in Karma that would be equivalent to the "vm_geometryfilterwidth" parameter you can add for Mantra so that when geometry approaches sub-pixel the renderer always keeps the geometry x amount of pixel in width but compensates by lowering the alpha value instead. Doing this so that I won't have to increase the pixel samples to un-godly amounts just to cleanly render a constant shaded spline without having the thinnest parts flicker in and out of existence.

Any advice on this is greatly appreciated, thank you so much for the read!

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karma doesnt have vm_geometryfilterwidth, thats for Mantra, hope they can integrate that into next update. in the mean time we are stuck with increasing primary samples

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