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courses with more personal approach

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Hi folks, 

I just decided, i need to begin to consolidate all my current 2 years knowledge (or better say no-knowledge) along with a profesional tutors.

So I just wanted to ask you guys if there is anyone who can give me some sudgesion or advice based on your experience for online course, schools or academy whatewer with a liitle bit advanced teaching method?

My point of interest are more like abstract themes, abstract vellum simulations, and so.

So far I found only  VFX Academy of Design, which seems to be kinda serious, with various courses and individual approach. But I am also currious for your sudgestions, and experiences!!


thank you pals, for any replies in advance!

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CGMA Abstract FX in houdini is very good for that, you'll get personalised feedback and opportunities to talk with the tutors, Matt Taylor was the tutor last year and was excellent.

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You can also check out Pragmatic VEX (shameless plug :D). It's quite advanced and has received a lot of free bonus content over the years. I am working on another brand new content for it that will be available to existing users for free.



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