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Exporting an Alembic frame sequence ignores vertex color


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I'm trying to export an Alembic from H19.5 to Unreal.  I have a baked mesh sequence of 32 frames that I'm importing as a geometry cache.  The problem I'm having is that exporting an alembic via the rop (and file-> export) seems to be dropping the vertex color entirely.  Has anyone here had this issue?  I'm really trying to avoid the full fluid vertex animation pipeline (because I hate it :D ) in lieux of geo caches, but I've run into this issue and can't find a way around it.

As a way of confirming, I imported my alembic into Blender, and can see that there's also no color attributes there.  If I export a single frame of fbx, it's there, but I can't use FBX because it doesn't properly export a mesh sequence from Houdini.




As you can see there is no color info (Cd).



Thank you!



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