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FLIP Colour bleed infection solver


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Okay I feel like this is a pretty meaty topic. I have been working on it for ages and i cant find a solution. 

I have made a pretty elaborate clip colour mixing sim. Folowing somthing similar to this ==> 

Its a pretty well known set up but I wanted to add a colour infection setup into this. As the mask travels through the fluid it grows using a infection based solver. I though this would be easy and made a solver on scattered points that works fine. Until you put it into a sop solver using animated points. I can get a nice natural looking growth. So my question is if anyone else is familiar with doing something like this? I can get a scene file ready but my current one is pretty heavy. 


Any help and feedback is more welcome. I have also tried doing the growth set up in a solver after the Flip sim as well FYI. 



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