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Input Geometry Turns Black?

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In my source pop I choose the input geometry, adjust some birth and attributes params. When I jump up to sops level, the input geometry has turned black and when I disconnect it from the popnet the geometry returns to its default shading. This happens anytime I source geometry in the popnet (like collisions, etc.). I've tried the old-school method of using a path as a parameter value instead of context geometry but it still displays as black.

What have I done to cause this behavior in my viewport? Right now I have to turn on footprints for operators above my popnet to get them displaying with the default gray shading.



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Yeah, it might be a GL thing. Something is definitely happening at the popnet. It I change the Start Time to 1.0 in my popnet, the geometry has the default gray shading for the first 23 frames then switches to black at frame 24.

Reverse sop didn't change anything.

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