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Ramping speed of motion along a curve

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Need some help with speed ramping of geometry following a curve.
Am using MOPs Move Along Spline to control the movement along the curve.
If position on the curve (Speed parameter) is directly tied to timeline playback, how can I slow the geometry down as it enters the spiral (around 0.5 Speed value) and then speed it up after?
Can this be handled by some type of VEXpression or?
Any feedback appreciated!
This is what I am currently using
($FF/$FEND) *.01
which more or less works and resolves to a linear value of 0 - 1 but I have no speed ramp effect.

I need speed/time to slow from about .4 - .5 and speed up from .5 - .6


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Answering my post in case it benefits anyone.
Was was thinking ok I need to drive my speed by a chramp then I noticed the Acceleration TAB on the MOPs Move Along Spline which has a chramp built in.

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