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how ca i do this ??


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make of those stairs VDB and use this on Pop wrangle (input 2 ) on first points that you want to use)

float volSample = volumesample(1,0,@P);
vector volGrad = normalize(volumegradient(1,0,@P));

@P -= volGrad * volSample;//adjust Position

@v += @force * @Timeinc;//Force to V
@force = 0;//Force to be 0

vector vVertical = volGrad * dot(@v, volGrad);
vector vHorizontal = @v - vVertical;
@v = vHorizontal;



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2시간 전, 사서는 이렇게 말했습니다.

se Stairs VDB를 사용하여 Pop wangle(입력


2 hours ago, Librarian said:

계단 VDB를 만들고 사용하려는 첫 번째 지점의 Pop wangle(i nput 2)에서 이것을 사용하십시오.






It's hard to understand.
Can I ask you to share the file? Thank you.

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