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Houdini Vellum simulation, Point Deform,

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Hi, can I please get some pointer here. I am working on a vellume sim using POP attract node. Then replacing low res after simulation with High Res using Point deform. My problem was after replacing the Low Res, the high poly model ran into some geometry problem after it collide with high speed moving object ( in this case, it hit the can and wall). 

I have looked into the Capture Radius, Minimum points and Maximum points. But I find it hard to understand what it meant to do.

Tri is the low res sim, and the quads is high res ( error appear from the very first frame, hence I suspect it is from my lack of understanding Point Deform node ) 


Below is the simulation using the Low res ( no error) 

Below is replaced by the Hi res model, as we can see the stretched poly after collision. the end of the stretch is fixed to a spot in the air.

And here is the Point Deform screen Grab.

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