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brain blank for some reason - vellum wrangling question

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I may be just approaching this a strange way, but I got into a brainfreeze and thought I'd ask the experts.

I am creating some vellum constraints in the vellum solver.  I want to get the points found and used for the new constraints and put the (geometry) points into a (geometry) point group (the dynamic glue is using this group to control the new constraints' sources)

If Geometry and ConstraintGeometry were not different , this would be simple enough - but somehow I got stuck on how to get data from the constraints over to the geometry.  Any help appreciated, I will continue to tinker meantime.


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I've been looking in the geo wrangle inside the solver and I thought perhaps using those inputs, setting one to DOP, and pointing that to the Geometry/Constraint geometry, where the wrangle is bound to the other one.  It didn't work so far but this stuff is so unknown territory for me so it could easily be user error.   :)  Any help appreciated.

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Ok if anyone has a similar desire - this is the way - 

I found a reddit post late last night in bed, I thought it might have been a dream, but I just tested and it worked!

There is a node existing called "sop solver (constraint geometry)"


It has already al the dark arts included, and the Geometry and ConstraintGeometry are both accessible from different inputs in that subnet.  I was able the to just copy the data over in a point wrangle.



And the result worked as I had hoped!

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