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CHOP: How can I shift the rotation start frame for each copy?

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Hi guys,

I animated an object (rotating the y-axis) and copied it on a line SOP points.

Now I would like to vary (shift) the "start frame" of the animation for each copy, using CHOP.

The problem is I know how to do it for attributes like the "P", but what should I do for the Rotation, which is not accessible as an attribute?



Thanks for helping.

Randome Rotation.jpg

Randome Rotation.hip

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Hi Masoud, you can do this:

1. Attribute create SOP - make an attribute named Rotation, and animate the value from 0 to 1. This will be your animation which you will later shift to other start frames

2. in the CHOP network, geometry CHOP - put Rotate in "Attribute scope" and "rename scope". If you look at the motionFX view, you can see that your shift CHOP is doing what you want it to do

3. channel SOP - put Rotate in the "Channel Scope" and "Attribute Scope", to fetch the adjusted attribute from CHOPs back into SOPs

4. Attribute VOP - you can use the 0-1 range and convert it into a 0-360 rotation in the y-axis. This one is hard to explain but I attached a .hip file and you can take a look at it that way.


Randome Rotation fix.hip

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