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What is wrong with my VEXpression?

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Dear ODForcers,


I have this inside a popcurveforce inside a DOPNET and am attempting to make each packed prim start moving (by this force) at a random time up to 50 frames (my scene starts at 1001)


float random = rand(@ptnum);
float framestart = (random * 50) + 1000;
if (@Frame < framestart) {
    airresist = 0;
else {
    airresist = 15;


Can you see what is wrong here, it doesn't seem to work?


I have left out the .hip because everything else works just not my code.





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I pasted your code into my hip file and it works. Depending on your setup, you can try

1. Use the @id attribute instead of @ptnum (in case you have particles dying).

2. make sure your time slider is in between 1000-1200


If that doesn't work you can group the particles you want to advect and then use that group in the popcurveforce. To do this:

1. popgroup DOP - set the group name to followCurve: paste this into the wex code 

float random = rand(@id);
float framestart = (random * 50) + 1000;
if (@Frame > framestart) ingroup = 1;

2. popcurvefirce DOP - turn on group and set it to followCurve; set air resistance to 15


Best regards, 



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Sometimes it's a little clearer to just use a fit01 in this case to specify the range.

integer frame_start = int(fit01(rand(@id),240,480)); // Frame range to possibly start on.


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OK! Thanks guys.

The problem was NOT my code it turned out, but that I also had a POP VOP doing something, so it therefor appeared they were still all moving from the beginning, when that curveforce was not actually acting until commanded.

Thanks anyway =)

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