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Doptransform Issue


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Hopefully I'm not having a total noob moment, but here it goes anyway... To simply things, I set up a very basic domino simulation. I'm using a low res domino to sim with and then a doptransform to replace them with the highres one. For some reason when it gets back to the doptransform, something is throwing my transformation between DOPs and SOPs and orienting the dominos in a really odd way. I attached my hip file if someone would be so kind as to give it a look :)......thanks



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I fixed this by removing the copy to template in your domino_build obj. The doptransform only needs you to have the same number of copies with the same name as the dops objects. as you can see the copies are all overlapping in the copy sop.


-- and looks like i am a bit late :)


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