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Im trying to create a shower water simulation, is this the best method?


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  • Made a grid to use its points as your particle sources

  • connected a pop net to it

In the pop net i mainly edited the POP Source

  • Source Tab: changed geometry source to "use first Context Geometry" to use grid points as sources

  • Birth Tab: Crank your "Const Birth Rate" a little up and change the "Jitter Birth Time" to negative. This made the points fall a little more unperfect

  • Attributes Tab: "Initial Velocity" gets setted to Set innitial v and than adjust the variance slightly of x and z. The points will not fall straight downward but a little left and right.
    i added an additonal nodes like "popinteract" to get them a bit together if they are close or add some forces to mak their movement a little more random like a small "pop wind" or so

Outside the Popnet i added some additional nodes so the points get geometry.

  • added a "attributeadjustfloat" with a operation as "set initial" and Pattern Type as "Random" with Min/Max values to my likeing (this randomly changed the size of the "droplets")

  • added a "vdb from particles" node with quiet a small point radius and smaller voxel size.

  • added a convert vdb and set it to polygon to get the final geometry.





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