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How can Remesh be applied to individual RBD Clusters?

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Hi All,

I'm new to Houdini. Does anyone know how a Remesh node can be applied to the individual pieces of a Voronoi Fracture after they've passed through the RBD Cluster node?

The goal is to Remesh each part in it's original position.

I can almost get the desired results by simply using the Exploded View node before the Remesh. (The image shows this.) But the Clusters are no longer packed together in this case, and I don't know if there is a way to easily move them back to their original locations.

I realize that the Blast node can be used to access each Cluster individually by name, but I'm hoping the process could be automated. I've tried a For-Loop, but without success so far.

Any ideas will be welcome. Thank you!


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In for each loop you can, you just need to use the name attribute of each piece to go through each individual piece, if you start typing `for each` use the one that says `name primitive` which should use the piece attribute named `name`  if you do not have a name attrib you can always use the connectivity SOP and use the class attribute instead.

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