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Can't delete shop_materialpath from VDB


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 I delete @shop_materialpath it keeps reappearing.

That file path is definitely the path of the pyrosolver that I created.

Where on earth is it stored and why is it being resurrected?

I think I was able to delete it off before, but I don't know how...


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@tamagochy Hi! I am always grateful for your help.

What if I don't want to run the pyrosolver again?

Loading VDB as proxy and reassigning materials worked fine when rendering with Arnold, but I'm having trouble testing Redshift.

I'm also confused by the fact that this attribute is not visible in Houdini but still comes back.

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I checked your scene, I dont know what problem you have with RS, but you havent any material on VDB after delete shop_materialpath. Looks like its not VDB problem but RS setup

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Thank you checking my file.

Can you delete @shop_materialpath?

After delete, write fileCache as vdb,attribute reappears on my hip..

I found that just adding vdb_resample  it happens.


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