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What Are You Running On Your Linux Workstations?

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If you have a linux workstation or work someplace that is linux based, what kind of software are you using for texture/matte painting, etc..?

Gimp is great sure, but there's just something about it that isn't as quick to use as photoshop. Because of this I'm always on the prowl for Linux paint software once I need to edit something or can't use Houdini to generate what I'm looking for.

Amazon 3D seems like the bees knees (based on their marketing anyway) but I can't tell if it's even being developed. And they don't have a trial or learning edition so it's not even available to check out, nor do they list a price which leads me to believe that it costs quite a bit. Anyone used it before?

I guess I'm wondering if people are still booting into windows for certain tasks or have a set of windows workstations lying around....I guess Macs too. :) Or if people just enjoy the funny business that is the gimp.


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used amazon paint 10 years ago, back then it

was about as useful as TVpaint. All it needed was

multiple undo and PS filter compatibility, plus

a few comfort features from the more modern

DP (deluxe-paint) style apps (art-gem, aura).

can't remember if it had DP style brushes tho.


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Amazon Paint is abandonware, it hasn't seen development in years (still only has one undo I believe). GIMP is..... GIMP. Pixel is in perpetual beta state. Maybe Cinepaint? I haven't tried it myself, but it's aimed at film, and I think they do mention matte painting on the site. Either way I'm afraid there isn't anything at the level of Photoshop available on Linux.

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