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Implementing Zdepth


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So once I have my zdepth pass, how do I implement it in cops? I'm assuming I'd use the Z composite cop but I can't seem to get anything from that.

Well, it depends on what you want to get from it! There are various of purpose to use Z-depth map. Defocus, composition based on distance from camera, relighting, environmental reflection mapping, fake fog.

To use Zcomposite you need two normal renders with depth-plate in it. ZComposite will than make "over" procedure based on it.

COPs in general it is a multi-plate system so in most cases it cares about plate name as is specified in input file. As long as your Zdepth plate is not named "Pz", most COPs won't recognize it or you will have to explicitly specify which plate in input is THE depth-plate. But this is just an organizing issue. Depth it's just a 32bit one channel plate. You can use it whatever you want for. As mask for color correction for example.

hope this help!



PS I added small example. Study depth_examples COPNet!


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