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Autodesk Signs Definitive Agreement To Acquire Skymatter


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Bah <_<


I understand this can be useful for development (on the money/resources side)... but I really dislike that kind of ''big rising evil'' picture of Autodesk. Monopolists are not good, and one of the things I liked about mudbox was the fact that it was made by small and dedicated group of people.

Anyway... to cut the long story short, I hope SideFx will never get acquired by Autodesk or anyone else... Right now I feel like Sidefx with Houdini is rare example how things should be done, from marketing, development, customer care... everything...

This is a bit romantic/poetic way of seeing things... but who cares, I am an artist and I am allowed to have idealistic ideas about tools I use :rolleyes:

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i have no knowledge of this case so am only commenting generally. acquisitions are either about picking up a product a company wants to sell, or closing down competition. its a shame when it's the latter.

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its a shame when it's the latter.

I think it's actually the former but this doesn't make it suck less. It's a shame to see open, independent apps becoming just another asset in the portfolio of a behemoth.

And that means Mudbox will be optimized for Maya & Max pipelines, so useless for users of other apps.


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I think Autodesk should address the problem of long hours in the cg industry, i wonder how many hours or maybe weeks have been saved because of Houdini?

SideFX must have seen the problem coming in the furture and so made software that was like.... water instead of stone. Making changes and trying out alternate methods without having to redo everything, big time saver and thats just the little things.

It would take year for a company like Autodesk to build something that works so well like houdini. The thing they might do with mudbox is make something like maya with mudbox at the core.

But then your pretty much talking about Modo then. Another company which has a non-linear aspect in development aswell as the application.

If things dont go the way they hoped, mudbox and maya and max could fall by the way side.

Its funny that the programs with a non-linear or procedural aspect to them always do well. Take the latest Zbrush for example, no need to set your model in stone, make it with a cube, retopologize it, and shrink it to the first sculpt, transfering all of the detail with no exceptions.

Little example, from a competition i was helping running.

http://adykat.free.fr/Goldo/Divers/WHMarcy..._WHMarcy_06.JPG Original Sculpt

http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3697/goldowhmarcy07ml3.jpg Retopoligized (much cleaner)

http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/5074/go...hmarcy08qr2.jpg Wireframe of both models

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