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Guerrilla Games (amsterdam) Seeking Houdini Artist/td

Ben Schrijvers

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Hi there,

Guerrilla Games is still recruiting people to work with us on KILLZONE2 for the PlayStation3.

Houdini is used here for some very specific work that is hard to do or too time consuming in other tools.

What we need is someone who already knows his/her way around Houdini and can pick up, build upon and work with the methods we've developed already.

There's a lot of proprietary tools and Maya that form the main pipeline so Maya knowledge and the will to work with other tools (next to Houdini) is a must.

Assuming knowledge of particles, simulations and shaders is already stronger with Houdini users.

please check out our vacancies page:


Obviously if we can't find the right person for this job we want the closest to it. At the moment Houdini experience is the key.



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Oke maybe I need to do this a bit different.. as we are still looking for people.

Not that we're desperate but it's just that we want more people to react.

Maybe we even need more than one person..

I'll start with a better introduction...

Guerrilla Games is owned by SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) and is part of Sony World Wide Studio's.

We're not some small studio but about the biggest in Europe. The only SCEE studio on the European continent.

Also KILLZONE 2 is one of the most anticipates titles for the Playstation3.

We're located in the city centre of Amsterdam. It's a very artist friendly small city with lots of things going on outside work.

You don't need to learn Dutch as we all speak English. Our crew is very international anyway.

Check out the KILLZONE2 trailer...

Houdini in game development?

I guess most people on this forum are very focussed on film visual effects. But consider the following benefits with regard to game development:

- In film you might be working for months on something that's only visable for less then 5 seconds. Your credit.. if you get any.. might be longer on screen.

In games your work might be visable for hours of game play.

- While creating game content you constantly need to test it on the PS3 so everybody has a SIXAXIS game controller next to his mouse :blink:

- In film you might end up doing just particles.. over and over again. Here at Guerrilla we recognise the potential of procedural modeling.

Could be quite refreshing for people who've worked for a longer time in the film industry.

- And if we do particles.. we do it with our own tool which shows the final effect in realtime. I found that quite refreshing as well.

- Oh and quickly putting a temporary sound effect to your effect is quite amazing as well.

- The cool thing about this project is that everybody is in the same building. If you think you have a good idea you can just tell the director when you bump into him.

Not that that is expected of you or you should do it every time.. although after our weekly multiplayer session feedback is very important. You can forget about having a lot of input to a film project.

- Yes film looks more realistic. But is there any challenge anymore for the artist? Isn't almost everything done already? In games there's a lot more need for inventivity and still some room for improvement. Especially now with next-gen consoles like the Playstation3.

- On the other hand games get really close to film these days. In a sense I'm doing very simular work to what I did in the film effects industry.

For this job in particular we're just looking for someone who has standard Houdini knowledge.

Not only how to open a file and transform an object but also is able to translate visual design into SOP's, VOP's, DOP's etc.

We're not necessarily looking for someone with a lot of experience. Someone fresh from Bournemouth with strong talent is very welcome as well.

Although if you do have Houdini project experience that would be a huge plus.

A bit of Maya knowledge could be usefull as that forms the biggest part of the pipeline.

The work might still involve particles and it would be really usefull if you would have some basic shader knowledge.

For the Houdini work itself think of modeling natural phenomena. This could be anything from landscapes to the impacts of explosions on man made environments.

Well I hope I've got some more people interested now.

If you are then send an email to: gamesjobs@guerrilla-games.com

And if there's any questions just ask.. I'll see if I'm allowed to answer :coffee1:



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