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About Env Value On Windows


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Hi all.

Is there a way to set env without setting that in windows system environment variables? I mean i don't want houdini dirty the global env, so i wanna know which setup file is houdini autoloaded when startup? The houdini_setup and houdini_setup_bash may work on linux,but seems don't work on win.any idea?

btw,the help doc said there is a value named SHELL,what is this stand for on windows? I look over the houdini_setup,find it seems need a *nix shell simulator to work,so maybe this setup file is a joke on windows,right? or maybe network |renderfarm need this,don't know yet.

and in aliase/variables, is there anyway to set variable here constant so anytime I start a new project,needn't setting this again and again and again?

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First look in to Houdini's install directory in Windows Start Menu. There is a Command line Tools which set for you many Houdini related environmental variables and open cmd window. Type there "set" to see all of them (along this your system stuff). You can of course run any Houdini's stand alone tools and Houdini itself from it. Type houdini, icp, iinfo, i3dconvert, mcbiovision etc. All is set.

As we talk about "SET" dos command you can create your own houdini_setup-like script under Windows. This would be *.bat file which setup all variables you need, than run Houdini. It's all about DOS scripting in Windows.



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Thank you SYmek,but the "*.bat" way doesn't solve my problems.Does that means I have to first run a command line and using the bat file and type "houdini" or set a short cut for that *.bat to run houdini? I know the "SET name = "xxx"" way to do that, but I just thought houdini must autoload some config file on win box just as i using "start->houdini" cause when I type "set" on houdini text port, some variables like "H" "HFS" was already be set.Maybe in "/houdini/config" directory? I can not find it.

Is the "*bat"way is the only way for win?any other suggestion?thanks

to Edward:just run default setting is not enough for me,every family has its problems.:)

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well, *.bat file does the same thing as bash script in Linux (giving you much less possibilities of course).

or set a short cut for that *.bat to run houdini

this is what I meant to say. Use *.bat file to set all your variables, then run Houdini from it:

set JOB="C:/path/to/my/job"
set TEXTURES="D:/path/to/my/textures"

Houdini as a child process will inherit all variables in that session. Much as houdini_setup script does in Linux.

hope this help,


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:) Yeah,it works.I just wanna find something like *.ini works in windows, but seems there is no file like that.So the only way is to set a *.bat file myself.Thanks Sy, The way that make houdini as a child process works fine,but using 'start houdini' command in *.bat works more smoothly cause there is no need for cmd.exe waiting houdini returns. Thanks for your help.:)
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