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My First Houdini Reel

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it's a while i'm not posting on the forum,

i had to finish some free lance jobs....in maya :(

so, in the following links you can download my reel,

I thank all of you that gave me really important advises; this is a great forum!

And definetly, if you are reading thanks Ray!! you teached us amazing stuff!

I still have to produce (and I'll do it) a lot of shots using those techniques!!


if i'll find a job as a Houdini Artist before it should be better :rolleyes:

Any question is more than welcome, and obviously all kind of advises too!



Andrea Arghinenti

3DArtist - Character TD

(reel 2007)

http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.mov.rar .mov (200MB)

http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.rar .wmv (50MB)

n.b.: shot breakdown included in the rar file









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