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Switch Question

Timur Khodjaev

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Hi, im trying to do some basic fireworks and encountered some intresting problem.

Its looks like i cant use per particle attributes inside Select input of switch node.

if i put something like if($LIFE <.5,0,1) in switchs input expression its imediately gives me error.

If you replace $LIFE with $FF all starting to work so i guess the problem in per particle attributes.

Is there other way to make attribute on particles for ex. rocketType and then make switches based on that attribute without using switch op?

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Generally speaking Switch can't see attribute of points in incoming geometry. How it would do that? Per point? Switch lets go on its inputs as a whole not a part of it. Thus your problem. You could use point() expression to get to the $LIFE attribute of some (one) point but this won't solve your problem. Go with SpencerL suggestion.

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