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Ubuntu 7.10 - Running Driver Install With No X Server


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I have recently installed Ubuntu 7.10 (for windows32) and I'm trying to install the x86 linux driver for my graphics card: the nVidia Quadro FX3000. In GNOME (default for Ubuntu) if you attempt to install, you get an error message and subsequent exit. Recommends something like: "You need to install the driver without x running..." So, nvidia recommends performing an init 3 (ie: no x11 running) but, I am having troubles getting to the recommended "runlevel 3". Any idea of how to get there? If I boot up in recovery mode, I am in "level 1", and again nVidia (upon install) says it's not a good idea and I should go to "runlevel 3"; so when I type init 3 (or init 2) I get kicked up to the full graphics level.

So what gives? I tried looking for the /etc/inittab file to address this issue, but it doesn't seem that Ubuntu has that in it' os. Is there an appropriate init file I can edit somewhere?

Also, it has been recommended that I should be using the Restricted Drives Manager and of course I did that first before doing the above. But, I am unable to use the restricted drives manager. I can't enable the nvidia drivers when I checkmark "ENABLE". No message error I can work with either. Just says something lame like: you have not enabled the drivers. (nice) Same problem when turning on Desktop Effects in System/Preferences/Appearance to full Desktop Effects. Same denial. Same lame error...

Anyone come across that yet?

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Thanks Steven. I'll check it out soon. I ended up getting some help from the Ubuntu forums with getting the restricted driver manager working.

Although I might like Envy better. But here's the support I received in case someone else has the same problem:

In "System/Administration/Restricted Drivers Manager", if you can't enable ON the drivers...

1) Go to "System/Administration/Software Sources", and go to the first tab; check mark ON the "Proprietary drivers for devices (restricted)".

You will most likely get a notice saying that the information about your software is outdated and in order to proceed, you need to download the updated drivers.Click the RELOAD button (Online connection required)

2) Go back to "System/Administration/Restricted Drivers Manager", and once again enable ON the restricted drivers. You should see the drivers being updated at this point.

3) Reboot.


Houdini 9 HD appears to work fine now. (Well, at least it doesn't crash when creating particles with a count above 400.) I am curious however, to see what Envy has. ...Would be nice to have an interface to be able to manipulate some of the features of the card. I looked around on Mr. Milone's website, but I didn't see anything that implies that Envy handles that as well.

Anyway, I'll load up Envy and check it out... Thanks again for the info!

Hey tallen, :)

Someone mentioned Envy which helps you to install the Nvidia drivers easily.

Hope it helps!



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1 sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new

2 sudo nvidia-glx-config enable

3 sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/NVIDIA-Settings.desktop


[Desktop Entry]

Name=NVIDIA Settings

Comment=NVIDIA Settings






4 restart

: )

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