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Light Instancing Broken In H9?


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I think you mean the method in H8?

In H9 to instance one of the default Houdini lights all you need to do is either add an instance object or take any object and add the instance render parms (just use inst as the keyword when adding parameters to the object node). Then put the path of the light you want to instance to your points. Then toggle on point instancing.

You can use the new instancepoint() expression (replaces $IPT from H8) on the various light parms to vary the lights. e.g.: red light component could use fit01(rand(instancepoint() +1.001), 0.8, 8.9).

This "should" work for default lights referencing shaders the H8 way as well. It should also work using material SOPs and varying shader strings per point but most of what you want to do should be possible with instancepoint() on the shader parms directly.

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