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Need Autorig Support


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hi there,

I am testing out the character autoRig in Houdini 9. Does anyone know how I can add some extra bones to the biped or quadruped? For example, if I am rigging an elephant, i really need a lot of extra bones for the trunk.

Also, does anyone know how I can add some extra facial rigs to the biped? (otherwise, I could only use shapeblend and wire deformer for the facials)

any help will be appreciated!

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as I said over on the SESI forums...the autoRig is a locked series of HDAs...

if you want to change/modify/add anything to the autorig you'll have to make local copies of the tools then change them...it's not really that hard

but you'll have to have a very good understanding of HDAs/OTLs and a solid understanding of rigging in Houdini...

I'd say just make a regular quad rig

unlock it

add/make your changes

save this rig to a new type/lable

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