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How To Increase Irradiance

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Is it possible to increase only the brightness/saturation of the irridiance from the vex global illumination on a light template?

I can't really see if my trials with it are working, I think I am getting a slight color shift, but I can't really be sure, so how can I make the irradiance more visible in the final render?

If there are any better ways to go about getting Irradiance, because as far as I know only PBR and the vex GI shop are possible, and PBR is not really an option for animations (too slow).

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not really what I was after, I think I wasn't being clear in my post... I mean is it possible to increase the effects, (I'm mostly after color bleeding here) without increasing the brightness of the scene?

First off - make sure that your Background Color in your VEX Global Illumination SOP is off. :) This might be a major part of your issue.

Colour-bleeding is basically the addition of diffuse reflection, so it will always be additive. Note that white areas also "bleed" white light, increasing the luminance of the scene more dramatically.

If you're not scared of writing your own shaders, you could make a shader which only tints the surface by the results of the VEX irradiance() call.. you can use rgbtohsv() and hsv2rgb() to preserve luminance and just swap the hue and saturation.

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