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Switch At Render Time

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Is it possible to setup a switch sop which will switch during render time.

For example, I am generating copies of boxes over a grid, at render time the boxes should be replaced by Teapots, so that my viewport is not heavy and I only see the teapots at rendertime, or I am generating grass, In my viewport I wnat to see only 2000 strands, but at rendertime I want 20000.

What kind of a script would i have to write for that.

with regards

Rohan Dalvi

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There are a couple things you could do for this.

You could put your display flag (blue) on your boxes and put the render flag (purple) on the teapots. Or if you wanted to go the swtich root, you could do a pre-render script using the "opparm" hscript command. In your mantra ROP there is a tab called Scripts. In the pre-render script you could type something like - opparm /obj/geo1/switch1 (1). This would change the switch1 SOP value to 1

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