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Mocap And Fbx


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Hmm, its wierd as they just dont seem to want to access the data from the Joints (ignoring the nulls/joints for the moment) whatsoever, although biovision data works nicely!

Will check out sidefx forums, cheers:)


Problem solved, it came down to two things for future reference:-

A)FBX - The FBX mocap worked with houdini 9.1.144, while in 9.1.124 you cant actually reference (to the best of my knowledge) chanel data for animations.

B)Joint transformation data, from the mocap center I worked with, gave all joints a transformation. If you move that transformation data to your own rig its will go all over the place.

Solution is to have two chops:-

*One that sends over all the rotation data

*Another one that specifically sends over the root (in my case hips) transformation data


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