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I'm making a tunnel with panels that I want to slightly rotate to focus on a floating object as it passes by. I've already constructed the tunnel in a way that I think will work, but I'm stuck on how to get each panel to focus on a specific object. I tried using a primitive sop to get the panels to look at a Null object, but I think it's telling each primitive in the panel to look. I've included my .hip file (v 8.2) with a simple example of the principle and the tube I built that I want the same principle to work on. Thanks for the help


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How about something like this with a ray sop. I haven't done anything fancy to it.

attached is a semi-procedural attempt, the tube curve can be changed,

but the tube panels have to be identical; connecting up a fragmented

teapot won't work :( It would be doable if I could figure out how to

explicitly set primitive normals...


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