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*.bgeo Rendering Issue.

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I have transfered a very complex and high poly car model from Maya to Houdini...

The transfer was done by just exporting different groups from Maya as separate *.OBJ files. (20 files)

Then each *.OBJ was checked and saved as *.BGEO in Houdini...

When I bring all the *.bgeo files to houdini... and reconstruct the car... I start to get some parts appear and disappear when I change the the camera...

Just randomly. Very annoying.

Any ideas. Cheers.

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thanks guys...

the normals are fine...

...it is just a component that gets dropped... like the left tire of the car suddenly will not render... and then when we move the camera a little bit... it will come back... but this time some other component will disappear...

We are using an OTL that loads the "delayed load"... we have to check that OTL.

I created a test file with only simple "GEO > file system" to read the *.bgeo files... i did not get any problems..

then I applied everything to the "delayed load" technique... again it worked...

I keep looking around. Sorry... it was a more complicated scenario than I thought... I guess we lose something some where inside the OTL...

Cheers. Will let you know If we find a solution.

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