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Dop import with "nan" translate fields


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I have been dop importing a fluid into sops, and end up with bad point information. Some of the particles have "nan" in their translate fields (as well as most fields, but they dont concern me). The drawback being the particle fluid sop crashes Houdini immediately. Any thoughts on how to solve this. I cant seem to delete the points.

Also, if there's anything to do in dop level to avoid this, please let me know!


Ahmad Ghourab

Edited by Ahmad Ghourab
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Can you post the hip file so we can take a look? It's almost impossible to know what's going on without knowing your setup.



Hey Steve!

I managed a work around, but at somepoint everything still manages to break. So, heres the file! Some geo is baked and missing, but that shouldnt be too much of a problem?footSplash.hip

Thanks in advance!


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