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Grouping points.

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I have a volume of points... like a sphere full of points...

I am trying to reduce the points... so get more points at the bottom and less towards the top...

So I wanted to group some of the points randomly... but make more points to fall in this group as we get to the bottom of the volume...

Any ideas... Sorry if it is too easy to do... my brain is fried!


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You already have the sphere of points right, so perhaps this works:

group by expression:

rand($PT) * fit01($BBY,1,0.2) > 0.2

Hey... it worked... thanks :)

what would be the solution to compress the effect towards the bottom... like make the point selection very dense at the bottom of $BBY... and very rare towards the top...


Like when using a $CR in a point sop... to make the red very dense at the bottom... and very pale towards the top?


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