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render points as lines ... without particles


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I am trying to render points as lines, without using particles, since I manipulate my points with expressions.

If I was using particles I could use a render POP, but I need another way.

And since the render POP seems to set a parameters inside the particle primitive, which is invisible in the detail view or attribute list, that just appears in the bgeo or ifd, I dont see another way to force the points to render as lines.

in the IFD, at the end of the geometry definition, a render POP would add lines like:


prender blablabla


Is it something I could add with a mantra procedural shader? if yes, I dont see how.

I could also add those lines in the IFD with python but I am hopping for something simpler :)

let me know if you can enlight me :)


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Well, I am allready rendering my particles through instances (because I am dealing with dozens of millions) and I assume I cant have instances of instances, can I?

But anyway, I solved my problem by doing 2D motion blur by outputing velocity vectors, which will achieve a very similar look. so it will be allright



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