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Fractured chunks keep rotating plz help!

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Hello guys !

I have a problem.

I have fractured object that is being effected by 2 gravity forces 1 in X so and one in Y so that certain chunks can fall at certain time when I want them.

but when they fall they keep rotating

I unlock the DOP and change the rotation stiffness to set always but it doesn't seems to work.Have tried alot of things but it didn't work.

Can some one help me with this .Its kinda important. Many Thanks .m posting the hip file with the obj also.

It will also be great if you can tell suggest me a better way for this effect which is more effiecient like certain object go in X direction and cetain fall in certain time in Y direction.

Many thanks


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Check out the Auto Freeze DOP

I tried with RBD Autofreeze but they keep on rotating still.

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