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Dynamic Choicelist or similar

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I was wondering if there's a way to create a dynamic choiceList or something similar. I need to create a node navigator, where the list contains the current node's children, and if I select one and do some button pressing it just goes inside and repopulates the list again.

I couldn't find a way of changing the static nature of ChoiceLists, and it occured to me that a good choice would be something like a string field where the entries are selected by me. Does this make sense?


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There is a constructor for PRM_ChoiceList which takes a function pointer (PRM_ChoiceList.h). That version allows you to fill in items, up to 'thelistsize' in number. Don't forget to terminate the list with a NULL token on the last PRM_Name.

typedef void (* PRM_ChoiceGenFunc)(void *thedata,
				   PRM_Name *thechoicenames,
				   int thelistsize,
				   const PRM_SpareData *thespareptr,
				   PRM_Parm *theparm);

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