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timeshift in stamp-operation


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Hello again dear Houdini-Folks :-)

Im getting further down the exiting Houdini-road and Im enjoying it very much.

But Im meeting some obsticals now and then. So I hope I can get some help

from you to overcome this :-)

This scene I have made is to conclude some stuff I learnt from the great DVD from 3D-Buzz.

I have made a celltype-thing with some tentacles growing out from it. Its basicly some points scatters on a sphere and some particles creating the

tentacles. I want to copy it out so I get four copies.

My question is: How can I start the growth of the tentacles on the different cells(copies) at a giving time so I get some variance to the animation?

My thoughts was to impliment the TIMESHIFT-SOP into a copystamp-operation, so each copy could get its own timeshift. But I have no idea

if this is the right approach or where to put it in the network if so.

So any help or hints would be much appriciated.

Thank you very much



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